Wellness Wednesday: Coast Guard nutritional help

October 17, 2018

Coast Guard All Hands is featuring the monthly “Wellness Wednesday” series to help Coast Guard members learn more about healthy living. Blog author Tim Merrell is the Coast Guard’s Health Promotion Program Manager, a prior health services technician, has a bachelor’s degree in health education, and is a certified personal trainer. Please contact [email protected] for topic recommendations or questions.

Nutrition plays a large part in our lives. Whether our goal is to lose weight, increase physical performance, increase mental performance, reduce blood pressure or get our blood sugar under control, nutrition is a major contributor to achieving your goal. As a society, poor nutrition can lead to increased medical costs and overall poor health.

Finding sound nutritional advice can, at times, be confusing, especially given the abundance of multimedia on nutrition that we are often bombarded with. Even what may seem as simple questions, may reveal several different answers from the internet or co-workers.

To help with these and many more nutritional topics, the Coast Guard has posted a series of short, one to two minute videos on YouTube.

Coast Guard Lt. Cmdr. Lauren Trocchio, a registered dietician who is board certified in sports nutrition and weight management, presents the videos – which provide answers to a host of topics. As a fellow Coast Guardsmen, Trocchio is well versed with the nutritional problems confronting our members and their families. These videos will address concerns such as:

  • How much protein should I eat to lose weight?
  • Can supplements hurt me?
  • I don’t have time to cook, what are some quick ideas to for dinner?

Another helpful and reliable site for nutritional and health needs is the Human Performance Resource Center.  This website offers evidence-based information and key resources to help the member and their family.

Consuming the correct amount of water, proteins, carbohydrates and fats based on fitness activity is often a forgotten factor that can affect a member’s performance.

Visit the links in this blog to improve your knowledge of nutrition and improve your health.



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