October 06, 2017


  The Department of Defense continues to focus its relief efforts in support of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico on areas officials deemed priorities: deployment of logistical support forces, commodity distribution and increasing the medical capabilities on the island.

Members of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit continue supporting repair operations at the Guajataca Dam to assist the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers shore up the dam with 251 of 500 concrete barriers delivered. The 26th MEU is also supporting route clearance operations allowing for access into isolated mountain areas and to expand logistics flow to 13 priority municipalities identified by local leaders on the island.

With medical capabilities in San Juan rapidly improving, the hospital ship USNS Comfort got underway yesterday from San Juan after treating a total of 68 patients with 10 admitted for further care. While in port this week, Comfort hosted a medical summit with local and federal officials that included Puerto Rico’s Gov. Ricardo Rossello and Dr. Jerome Adams, the Surgeon General of the United States, to assess which areas are in most need. The Comfort arrived today in the Aricibo-Manati region to provide medical services with additional visits being planned around the island.  Health and Human Services and Puerto Rico Department of Health representatives will prioritize patients at each stop prior to Comfort’s arrival.

Today, USNORTHCOM continues to deliver commodities via strategic airlift in support of FEMA’s ongoing relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

DoD also continues delivering supplies on the ground as additional distribution centers are established across Puerto Rico. To date over 7.3 million meals, 5.8 million liters of water, and 273 generators have been delivered to Puerto Rico in support of FEMA and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Currently, there are more than 6,500 active duty service members and 48 helicopters operating in and around Puerto Rico. 

USNORTHCOM’s mission is to assist lead federal relief agencies in helping those affected by natural disasters to minimize suffering while continuing its mission of defending the Homeland.