U.S. and Kuwaiti Marines share best practices

February 16, 2018

Logistics Marines from the Command Element and Logistics Combat Element of Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force – Crisis Response – Central Command organized a three-day Tactical Resupply Subject Matter Expert Exchange at the Kuwait Naval Institute to share best practices in logistics with the Kuwaiti Marine Battalion, Dec. 18-20, 2017.

“Whatever country someone comes from, those who serve in the Marines share the same mindset and spirit for protecting their country,” said Maj. Andrew Harkins, logistics officer in charge, Command Element, SPMAGTF-CR-CC.

The Tactical Resupply Subject Matter Expert Exchange is one of multiple training engagements SPMAGTF-CR-CC will conduct with the Kuwaiti Marine Battalion over the next year.

A mix of 27 logisticians and infantryman from the Kuwaiti Marine Battalion attended the event with the U.S. Marines from the SPMAGTF-CR-CC. Having Kuwaiti Marines from both infantry and logistics backgrounds in attendance was an important part of the tactical resupply training.

“I like seeing a mix like this because the infantry and the logisticians must be able to communicate with each other for effective planning,” said Harkins.
During the three-day bilateral exercise, the U.S. Marines showed the Kuwaiti Marines how they conduct logistics and observed how the Kuwaiti Marines conduct logistics. On the last day of the exercise SPMAGTF-CR-CC Marines and Kuwaiti Marines conducted a logistics tactical decision game together to practice what they learned.

“This was an incredible opportunity to engage not only a crucial partner nation, but their Marine warriors,” said Maj. Michael Pigford, the future operations officer for the Command Element, SPMAGTF-CR-CC. “We look forward to building on these enduring relationships between SPMAGTF-CR-CC and the Kuwaiti Marine Battalion.”

The SPMAGTF-CR-CC Marines involved in the tactical resupply training with the Kuwaiti Marine Battalion are working to pass training engagement opportunities on to the next rotation of SPMAGTF-CR-CC Marines so that the bilateral training can continue to benefit both nations.

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