Third Atlantic Resolve Aviation Brigade Arrives in Europe

Equipment belonging to the 4th Combat Aviation Brigade, 4th Infantry Division began arriving here, June 20, marking the third heel-to-toe Atlantic Resolve aviation rotation.

The Fort Carson, Colorado-based brigade will support U.S. Army Europe’s Atlantic Resolve mission, with units in numerous NATO partner countries, providing opportunities to train alongside allies and demonstrating America’s commitment to peace and stability in the region.

Enhancing NATO Partnerships

Rotations like this enable the Army to enhance NATO partnerships. The Dutch-American partnership is vital in the NATO alliance, and this deployment through Rotterdam enhances that partnership.

“Practicing with the Dutch, our times get better, we get more efficient, things become faster, relationships are stronger,” said Army Col. Geoffrey De Tingo, 21st Theater Sustainment Command’s chief of staff. “And, we just get better at what we’re doing by working with the Dutch.”

“The relationship we have with the Dutch — it’s great. It’s symbolic of the bigger relationship and commitment we have to all of our NATO Allies that we’ll be here.”

With more than 80 helicopters and 1,700 soldiers, 4th CAB will primarily be based in Germany with a forward presence in Latvia, Romania and Poland.

Once established, the brigade will continue building relationships with other NATO allies and partner nations.

“The importance of training with our Allied nations is to reassure them through the process,” said Army Lt. Col. Ryan Guthrie, commander of the 404th Aviation Support Battalion, 4th CAB. “We build a muscle memory so that future units behind us can also perform well, and even better than we do.”