Spouses Club helps with moral during fight against COVID-19

Photo By Joyce Costello | The Hohenfels Spouses Club donates food to soldiers working pandemic response. The effort brought together donations from community members and organizations such as Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.
March 25, 2020

HOHENFELS, Germany- Hohenfels is a unique community in itself, while small it has had so many different individuals and organizations stepping up to help keep the morale up of Soldiers who are working long hours on a variety of different taskings. When pre-screening at the base entrance required more Soldiers, the Hohenfels Community Spouse Club decided to collect snacks and drinks for those on additional duties.

“The Girl Scouts had a bunch of cookies that they were able to donate to us which great since their season got canceled and shortened and the Boy Scouts, religious services PWOC and spouse club has stepped up,” said Priscilla Knieriem, president of the Hohenfels Community Spouse Club. “I mean it’s pretty amazing just the fact that we’re a sixth the size of Grafenwoehr, but immediately a call when out last night and we brought in probably over 400 dollars’ worth of groceries for the Soldiers.”

Helping out during times of emergency is not a new thing for Krieriem who has lives in several states that often experience natural disasters.

“I’m from Texas which has hurricanes and tornadoes, but I’ve also lived in California with earthquakes and forest fires, but being part of the military there are many people that have experienced all sorts of types of natural disasters and we all just seem to come together,” said Krieriem.

With the concerns of the corona virus and government restriction for group gatherings, Knieriem recommends that anyone wanting to donate items should reach out on FaceBook to the Hohenfels Community Spouses Club. She adds that everybody is looking to connect with someone in the community and help out.

“Whether they have kids or don’t have kids, everybody’s looking to connect with someone even if it’s ‘hey, I am going to the commissary does anybody on my street or my community need anything’. It’s always good way to help out,” concluded Knieriem. “I think the biggest thing is reaching out to the people around you- preferably phone call or text not going up to them giving them a hug- and just being there for support everybody.”