Secretary Barrett visits Team Mildenhall

Secretary of the Air Force Barbara Barrett performs maintenance training as Staff Sgt. Patrick Leach, 100th Maintenance Squadron aircraft fuels systems craftsman, explains the unit’s fuel-cell trainer keeps Airmen proficient at their job, during her visit to RAF Mildenhall, England, Feb. 13, 2020. During Barrett’s visit she engaged with RAF Mildenhall Airmen about Team Mildenhall’s mission, Air Force modernization and readiness. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Luke Milano)
February 14, 2020

Secretary of the Air Force Barbara Barrett met with Team Mildenhall Airmen and families and toured the installation for the first time Feb. 13, 2020, at RAF Mildenhall, England.

The 25th Secretary of the Air Force visited the air traffic control tower, fire station and various units within the 352 Special Operations Wing.

Barrett spoke to members of RAF Mildenhall about Team Mildenhall’s mission, Air Force modernization and listened to their innovative ideas on how to improve the base.

“This is a key base for the United States, and a key opportunity for us to work well with our allies and partners,” Barrett said. “It’s terrific to see the joint work that our Airmen are doing with the leadership from the United Kingdom and working from here on missions from many geographical locations.”

Being the first Secretary of the Space Force and a trained astronaut, she emphasized the importance of developing the Department of Defense’s newest military branch.

“It is very exciting to be a part of the stand-up for the Space Force,” said Barrett. “We all use space, but many people don’t think about how much space plays a role in their lives. It’s important for us to defend those assets that make our way of life possible. We need to be prepared to deter belligerent action in space.”

Barrett also expressed her admiration for Team Mildenhall.

“I’d like to add my great appreciation for the men and women I’ve had the privilege to interact with,” Barrett said. “From the extraordinarily innovative training, to the maintenance teams who have done great things, to the selfless operators who are flying in the aircraft. It’s wonderful to see how well this base is operating.”