NYPD Shares Best Practices in the Fight Against Terrorism

April 18, 2018

(KABUL, Afghanistan) — A New York City Police Department (NYPD) delegation, led by NYPD Police Commissioner James O’Neil, visited the General Command Police Special Unit (GCPSU) in Kabul, Afghanistan, Apr. 11. They received a brief on the terrorism threat in the region, as well as the successes GCPSU’s National Mission Units (NMU) are having in preventing, combating and responding to high profile attacks.

Discussions during the visit included counter corruption efforts in Afghanistan and the practical use of police tactics and techniques to reduce the threat of terrorism.

The NATO Resolute Support Mission and members of the General Command Police Special Unit will continue to share information with NYPD’s counter-terrorism unit, one of the most respected and sophisticated police units in the world, complete with sea, land, and air capabilities dedicated to foiling an attack on the homeland.

Speaking to AMNews in New York City, O’Neil said the terrorism threat is real. “We are constantly monitoring the threat stream each and every day, and every day, each and every threat is investigated.” 

Similar to NYPD units, the National Mission Units (NMUs) are specialized police units that are principally used for national-level tactical responses, such as the Kabul International Hotel attack in January where the unit rescued 150 civilians and killed six insurgents. The NMUs are also charged with conducting high-risk arrests against criminals, terrorists, and insurgent suspects. 

The National Mission Units fall under the command of the General Command Police Special Unit (GCPSU) within the Ministry of Interior and have been in existence since 2003, working alongside NATO special operations advisors who train, advise and assist them. As part of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces Roadmap, the number of NMUs will double from three to six, expanding Afghanistan’s rapid response capability to high-profile attacks throughout the country.

Resolute Support is a NATO-led, non-combat mission. It was launched on January 1, 2015, following the conclusion of the previous NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission, and the assumption of full security responsibility by the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF). Its purpose is to help the Afghan security forces and institutions develop the capacity to defend Afghanistan and protect its citizens in a sustainable manner.