New Policy: Parental Leave

June 29, 2018

Written by Lt. Cmdr. Yanira Tirado Soto

This welcome policy change is effective immediately and was carefully orchestrated with our sister armed forces to accommodate a wide variety of family situations.   The new policy ensures that not only our military mothers, but all caregivers, whether primary or secondary, are afforded the opportunity to welcome and bond with the newest additions to their families.

The new policy replaces maternity, paternity and adoption leave with maternity convalescent leave and caregiver leave. This change increases non-chargeable leave for non-birth parents and recognizes a wide variety of modern day family situations, including non-married parents.

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This new policy provides greater flexibility for birth mothers and affords the dual-military couple an opportunity to s  their caregiver status. Birth mothers who are designated their primary caregivers remain authorized 84 days of absence in two categories – 42 days of maternity convalescent leave and 42 days of primary caregiver leave.

Maternity convalescent and caregiver leave may now be taken in two separate periods, which is a change from the previous Coast Guard policy. This change was provided to allow flexibility in how our members manage their training and qualifications so that growing a family does not pose undo stress on a member’s career. Those designated secondary caregivers are now authorized up to 21 days of leave  in one continuous period.

Please refer to Change 7 of COMDTINST M1000.8A or ACN 062/18 for more specific details, and for all other questions please email [email protected]



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