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Navy, Marine Units Participate in Eager Lion Exercise

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The amphibious assault ship USS Iwo Jima, the dock landing ship USS Oak Hill and components of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit begin participation in the military exercise Eager Lion 2018 this week.

The 11-day event will test the team’s 1,500 sailors and 1,800 embarked Marines with a wide range of drills designed to improve their collective ability to plan and project presence in a coalition environment.


“We are excited and honored to work side by side with the Jordanian armed forces as we contribute an investment to a critical strategic partnership between two allies who share common regional security goals,” said Marine Corps Col. Farrell J. Sullivan, commanding officer of the 26th MEU.

Eager Lion focuses on increasing U.S.-Jordanian security and warfighting capabilities, allowing the two nations to better address common threats to regional security. As part of the exercise, Marines from the 26th MEU will take part in an embassy reinforcement and noncombatant evacuation operation, and conduct bilateral sustainment training in a variety of combat skillsets.


“Eager Lion allows us to practice key mission essential tasks that span the range of military operations to resolve conflict and conduct combat operations against an enemy in remote, austere environments that would otherwise be inaccessible,” Sullivan said.

He added, “This exercise will allow us to demonstrate how we can project combat power across great distances and sustain those forces from amphibious shipping. When it comes to crisis response, the amphibious ready group/MEU team is the force of choice. When called upon, we will be ready.”

Moving Cargo, Supplies

Iwo Jima and Oak Hill sailors will use landing craft to move cargo and supplies to and from the amphibious ships while honing their ability to maintain a secure maritime environment with a visit, board, search-and-seizure drill.

“We are looking forward to working with our Jordanian partners. This exercise provides valuable training opportunities that enhance our ability to operate as a team and shows our commitment to each other and security in the region,” said Navy Capt. Jack Killman, commander, Amphibious Squadron 4.

The Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group embarks the 26th MEU and includes Iwo Jima, the transport dock ship USS New York, Oak Hill, Fleet Surgical Team 4 and 8, Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 28, Tactical Air Control Squadron 22, components of Naval Beach Group 2 and the embarked staff of the commander of Amphibious Squadron 4.

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