Leadership Assessment Survey

October 02, 2018

Written by Brianne Alvis
Coast Guard Office of Leadership

The Office of Leadership (CG-128) is proud to present the leadership assessment survey (LAS). This survey is derived from, and was a component of, the former unit leadership development program (ULDP). The LAS is a tool that provides commands, teams or staff members a mechanism to gauge command climate and overall effectiveness based on the Coast Guard leadership competencies. Participation in the LAS is not required, but highly encouraged for those units or teams who desire a real-time snapshot of its leadership and unit cohesion.

The LAS is a voluntary 36-question survey designed to measure leadership effectiveness, as it relates to the Coast Guard’s 28 leadership competencies contained within the leadership development framework. The goal of this assessment is to assist units with establishing a leadership environment that includes and supports our total Coast Guard workforce in mandating the highest levels of readiness. The target audience for LAS is units with under 25 members. Almost 300 Coast Guard units have less than 25 members and do not receive results from the DEOMI Organizational Climate Survey (OCS) due to their size. Participation in the LAS is highly encouraged for use at all levels of the organization. The LAS aligns survey feedback to our leadership competencies and provides leaders a starting point as they focus on areas to improve their unit.

Good leaders across our service know that investing in leadership development is their responsibility, but all too often they struggle with where to start, the LAS provides a quick and easy way to jump start these efforts. As leaders, we will be judged by those that follow in our footsteps. Leaders are encouraged to engage in proactive development opportunities to ensure the best environment possible for our workforce.

For more information, please visit the Office of Leadership’s website or ALCOAST 329/18.



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