Iraqis Continue Security, Clearance Operations In Territory Once Held by ISIS

With U.S.-led coalition forces in a supporting role, Iraqi security forces continue security and clearance operations in the campaign to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the director of Pentagon Press Operations, Army Col. Robert Manning told reporters today.

“In Baghdad, [Iraqi] patrol presence continues to lower lawlessness and criminal activity in that area,” he said.

In the Middle Euphrates River Valley, Iraqi forces destroyed an ISIS-held cave network and weapons cache, the colonel said.

“In Kirkuk, an ISIS suicide bomber attack on a government building was foiled by the [Iraqis], resulting in the bomber’s vest detonating, killing the terrorist but not injuring any friendly forces or civilians,” Manning said.

Strikes Near Rutbah

During the past 72 hours, U.S.-led coalition dynamic strikes engaged ISIS targets near Rutbah in Anbar province, the colonel said, adding that the strikes resulted in several enemies killed and the destruction of two pickup trucks, a weapons cache and an encampment.

In Syria, Manning said, Syrian Democratic Forces continue to achieve gains against ISIS in the Euphrates River Valley, and also fortified defensive positions in the Middle Euphrates River Valley.

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