III MEF Support Battalion: The Newest Battalion in the Marine Corps

March 27, 2018

Nearly 229 Marines and Sailors from units throughout III Marine Expeditionary Force combined to activate III MEF Support Battalion during an activation ceremony here March 22. 

The activation of III MSB, under the command of III MEF Information Group, marks the latest step in the Marine Corps’ warfighting development, said Lt. Col. Matthew J. Kessler, III MSB’s first commanding officer.

“As the Marine Corps’ newest battalion, III MSB serves as tangible proof that the Marine Corps will be neither complacent nor stagnant but rather, through continued innovation, remain the most lethal and capable fighting force,” said Kessler.

III MSB’s mission is to provide combat service support, security and administrative services to the command elements of III MEF, III Marine Expeditionary Brigade and III MEF Information Group. The MSB gives these command elements a more responsive and agile support capability and allows the III MIG commander to focus more on the information warfare capabilities.