Fort Knox chaplains encourage community to take a minute

Photo By G. Anthonie Riis | Pray60 was a call to prayer to people of faith to spend 60 seconds a day in prayer for 60 days that began March 9, 2020, and officially concluded on the National Day of Prayer, May 7.
May 08, 2020

Prayer is a powerful thing for the chaplains at Fort Knox’s Religious Support Office; so much so that they have challenged people to engage in it for the last 60 days.

Pray60, as it is known, was a call to prayer for people of faith in the community to devote 60 seconds each day in it. The challenge, which began March 9, officially concluded on the National Day of Prayer, May 7.

“Some people will certainly pray more than 60 seconds, but this is an opportunity to be part of a communitywide time of prayer for each other,” said Chaplain (Col.) James Boulware, Fort Knox Garrison chaplain and senior pastor of the contemporary Protestant service at Prichard Chapel on post. “Because it’s been an individual commitment, people could participate at any time or location that fit their schedule.”

Boulware said the event was extraordinarily successful, perhaps particularly so because of how life has changed for people due of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Over 775 people signed up for Pray60, but people have told me their Sunday school class and small groups did it, too,” he said. “People forwarded these messages to their co-workers, and I received emails every day with prayer requests or just people thanking me for having Pray60.

“It has been very timely during this time of COVID-19.”

Yet Boulware said the event had been in the works about eight months.

“There have been some dark days, but that depends on whose lens you’re looking through – God sees right through it.”

Boulware said seeking God helps us change our own sight picture.

“This has been a very positive experience, and people’s relationship with God has deepened through this situation,” said Boulware. “We learn to trust him more in the heat of battle than when there are no issues.”

He said Pray60 is something many people want to continue.

“Each day has been focused on a particular program or group within the Fort Knox community, and we’ve sent encouraging emails with devotional prayer thoughts,” Boulware said. “It’s been such a powerful tool that people have asked me to extend it – kind of a Pray60 overtime.”

Boulware said he’s seen a clear movement of God even in this time of uncertainty.

“Sometimes, we ask God to get us out of things when he’s asking us to bring him into the issues he wants to bring us through,” Boulware said. “Whether he keeps the pandemic from us or brings us through it, God is still God, and we trust him.

“He’s at work right now.”