Dear Coast Guard Family: Military family appreciation

November 16, 2018

Each year, the President signs a proclamation declaring November as Military Families Month.

“Our heroes have always relied on their families for strength and support.  Serving alongside our men and women in uniform are spouses, siblings, parents and children who personify the ideals of patriotism, pride, resilience, service above self and honor.  They endure the hardships and uncertainty of multiple relocations, extended trainings and deployments because of their admirable devotion to our country and a loved one in uniform.” – Excerpt from the 2018 Presidential Proclamation

Military families are inspiring!

Around the world, military families are waiting by the phone or computer for word from their service member. A child is taking their first step, while their parent serves abroad. Holidays and special occasions are celebrated on alternative days or over a video chat. Families are facing hard “goodbyes” and sweet “hellos.” Spouses are lovingly tending to the homefront – they’re reassuring children, fixing the broken dishwasher, mowing the lawn, getting the oil changed in the car and preparing for an upcoming move.

Although their days aren’t always easy, they push forward. They sacrifice. They stand beside their service member, and they often stay behind. They admirably live a life that many people cannot begin to imagine – exhibiting great courage, strength, determination and resilience!

During the month of November, and throughout the year, we recognize and celebrate our incredible Coast Guard families.

Resources for Coast Guard Families:

The Coast Guard Ombudsman Program:  Ombudsmen connect Coast Guard families to the command, the Coast Guard and the many available resources.

Spouse employment:  If you’re a Coast Guard spouse seeking employment, there are programs and resources to support you.

Military children:  There are a variety of programs and resources available to support military children.

The Special Needs Program: Through the Special Needs Program, efforts are made to ensure that members with special needs dependents are assigned to duty stations where medical and community services are accessible and available.

Deployment tips and resources:  You aren’t alone – support is available!

Sea Legs:  The family member’s guide to the U.S. Coast Guard.



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