Coast Guard Mutual Assistance: We Help Our Own

August 13, 2018

Submitted by the Coast Guard Mutual Assistance Program

Did you know civilian employees and their dependents can use the Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA) in a variety of ways?

Car broken down? Roof leaking? Need art supplies for your college-aged child’s education? Buying a house? Adopting a teenager?Coast Guard Mutual Assistance flyer showing 2018 statisticsGoing back to school? New Baby? Family member die unexpectedly?

CGMA can help. “We Help Our Own” is our motto.

Since 1924, CGMA has provided financial aid for civilian employees of the Coast Guard. This assistance is in the form of loans, grants or other gifts. Last year alone, civilian employees received over $800,000 in assistance; to date in 2018, over $294,000 has been provided. This ranged from major plumbing repairs to education support to dental needs not fully covered by insurance. Many civilian employees were affected by the storms during 2017; 129 cases in Puerto Rico received nearly $300,000 in grants and loans.

Donations to CGMA ensure we remain Semper Paratus and help ensure Coast Guard employees can obtain help when needed. Take the time to learn more about what CGMA can do for you and your family; visit, or find your local representative here.



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