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Watch ISIS fighters freak out and cry like babies before being blown up by a tank

ISIS fighters panic trying to escape a tank (YouTube)
December 08, 2017

Video of the last few minutes a group of ISIS fighters are alive was captured, and it shows them getting blown up by an incoming missile, the Daily Mail reported.

ISIS fighters can be seen in the video panicking as they try to escape in a makeshift tank, as another tank begins to target them.

Rounds are being fired at them from all sides, as several ISIS fighters can be heard saying there are shots coming from both the left and right sides.

One ISIS fighter can be heard shouting orders to other ISIS fighters and communicating over a radio that they need anti-tanks as soon as possible, to take out a tank on their right side.

In fear for their lives that the tank will fire at them, one ISIS fighter’s voice continually breaks in distress.

After several minutes calling for the anti-tanks to take out the tank, another ISIS fighter orders that the makeshift tank stop so that the anti-tanks can follow them. Immediately afterward, a missile is fired at them, setting the makeshift tank on fire.

The video, captured on an ISIS fighter’s GoPro camera, is believed to have been recorded in September, but the location of where the video was captured is unknown.

ISIS uses GoPro footage as a tool for recruitment. However, on several occasions, when ISIS fighters are killed, their enemies pick up the cameras and post videos online of ISIS fighters dying on the battlefield.

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