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Op-Ed: The NFL versus the USA – a line has been drawn in the sand

September 26, 2017

There seems not to exist one ounce of discipline within the ranks of the National Football League. There is only the prospects of the revenue being “raked” in by the owners of the teams and the unbelievably high salaries the players receive.

The misplaced support of the players among themselves has, like a nasty wound, festered into a major incident between patriotic Americans and the undisciplined players who make millions of dollars spent by Americans who love and revere their National Anthem and the beautiful flag that waves softly above the voices of those who sing.

The recent choice of the Pittsburg Steelers team to remain in the locker room while the National Anthem was being played/sung appeared to explode in their faces, as one of their team members (a combat Veteran) left his teammates in the locker room and took his usual place on the field for the playing of our country’s  National Anthem. He quite noticeably stood with hand over heart, rendering proper attention to the flag he has fought so proudly to protect. All, save one, seemingly hid in the shadows, not even able to look each other in the face, while “true Americans” sang the Anthem with loud voices and cheered and applauded when the last note of the Anthem reverberated throughout the stadium.

The players, coaches and owners owe an abject apology to the Nation for their misplaced act. If a sincere apology is not quickly forthcoming, this patriot believes that the game of football as we know it will cease to exist. The audience and – more important to the players and owners – the revenue will also disappear.

Players and any other “knee-kneeling” supporters should be forced to show their feelings away from all sports venues. If not, they will be earning the Presidential tag “SOB” and should have their player contracts withdrawn.


God bless America, the American Flag, and the National Anthem.

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Brooks Outland is a Korean and Vietnam war veteran. He volunteered to serve in Vietnam because he was keen to help the people of South Vietnam keep their freedom and their country from communist takeover by the North. After retiring, Brooks and his wife spent eight years volunteering aboard his old battleship, the USS Missouri (BB-63), before returning to the mainland in Arkansas in 2015.