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Op-Ed: Saving our way of life in America

The American flag (U.S. Department of State/Flickr)
August 03, 2017

This combat veteran of the Korean (1950/51) and Vietnam (1966/67) wars estimates that more than a half million people like what they read on this site. Too many fake/false/faux news stories are being reported on the internet.

If you would like a dose of truth, read on; this opinion editorial intends to tell it like it is. With the world situation being what it is, America can hardly let her guard down, unless we have already “thrown in the towel – hoisted the white flag,” and surrendered to those who would dearly love to change our way of life; to a life without freedom.

We may have faltered a bit with our passion for freedom, but there is still time to save our country.

Our President, elected by the People of America, reminds me of the little Dutch boy who, while walking to school, noticed a small leak in the dyke he was passing. This myth has it that the little boy kept his finger in that small hole in the dyke until some people arrived to seal up the leak.

The lesson this myth represents is that “a small leak can become a torrent of water large enough to destroy everything in its path.”


Well, our President, through exhaustive study and investigation, has learned that immigrants crossing our borders today are not people leaving tyranny and harsh rule. Many of the immigrants crossing into our country are soldiers disguised as immigrants.

For decades, this particular breed of immigrant has been populating every State with these “camouflaged” soldiers. These people have formed “cells” and “training camps” across the country; training these soldiers for a forced takeover of America.

When the time is ripe (and it seems to be almost ready now), our villages, our towns, our cities, our states and finally our government will be under the direct control of these covertly inserted intruders.

These intruders do not represent a religion, per se, but a blood-thirsty cult that follows a false “leader” and obeys a law so distasteful to most Americans that it can hardly be believed.

These intruders have charmed and wooed many Americans into believing that they are trustworthy and friendly! Actually, they are quite the opposite and they intend to follow through on a mid-eastern country’s threat to takeover America.

As suggested by our President, the countries where these intruders reportedly come from need to be banned from entering our country. We need to quickly take into custody all members of the “cells” and “training camps” and prepare them for immediate deportation. The next step is to identify and apprehend all “illegal immigrants” and immediately deport them.

With the head of the snake “lopped off,” the threat will have been greatly diminished. The rest of these intruders must be identified and re-vetted (properly and thoroughly) before allowing them to remain in our country.


We must, absolutely must, remove the intruders who have been elected by their followers to positions of authority in our villages, towns, cities and states. If a Caucus of these people has been established in our government, they should be immediately removed and deported.

We must never again allow any foreign interlopers to get a foothold in our country. America should be led by an American President (pro-American) and a Congress made up of Americans (pro-Americans).

God Bless America and all who fully support her.

Brooks Outland is a Korean and Vietnam war veteran. He volunteered to serve in Vietnam because he was keen to help the people of South Vietnam keep their freedom and their country from communist takeover by the North. After retiring, Brooks and his wife spent eight years volunteering aboard his old battleship, the USS Missouri (BB-63), before returning to the mainland in Arkansas in 2015.

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