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Watch What Happens When A Physicist Fires A Rifle At Himself Underwater From 3 Meters Away

March 07, 2017

Do we have any physics lovers out there?

This European physicist, Andreas Wahl, wanted to display a theory in the most insane way possible; by putting himself in front of a loaded rifle.

Yes this rifle was underwater, but when there is no solid structure between you and a rifle, its hard to feel comfortable. Especially when most people have seen a bullet shoot through water. However, something a little different happens when you fire a rifle while the rifle itself is submerged in water.

Watch what happens:


The reason that the man wasn’t hit by the bullet was because the resistance in water is much different than the resistance in air and it is much harder to create movement.

He was probably never in any real danger, but with a rifle, pointing straight at you, it still must be very nerve-racking.