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Op-Ed: Don’t Worry, We’re Not Going To Take Away Your Guns.

January 30, 2017

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I have always found the strategies and tactics used by Anti-Gunners to be interesting, and unfortunately, very effective at times. I also find much of them to go unnoticed. One in particular that needs to be discussed is: “Don’t worry, we’re not going to take away your guns.” This is a statement that is typically used in the fight to do exactly what it says it will not.

This tactic is very clever, it has far reaching implications, is manipulative in nature and is a very effective tool in the Anti-Gunner’s toolbox. Let me explain.

When someone says “they are not going to do something,” it implies that they can. This is key because it goes completely unnoticed. In other words, this statement is created to put you under the assumption that they have the power to take away your guns. Notice how they don’t ask you if you believe they can take away your guns or if you think they have the authority to take away your guns. Should they bring up those questions, they would now have a debate on their hands. No, they want you to instantly be put in a position of subordination so they take the role of authority. The implication of power over you gets completely lost as you focus on the thought of your guns being taken away.


“Don’t worry” is sometimes added at the beginning of this statement for effect and to put you in a fearful state. What is the first thing you do when someone says “Don’t worry?” Exactly. You worry. It’s a natural human reaction. What would be your first thought if I said, “Don’t worry, my dog won’t bite?” We are less effective when we are scared as opposed to confident, so telling you not to worry sets you up to worry. Sometimes, not intentionally, but in the case of gun-grabbing, I believe it to be used to instill fear.

The next, and probably most effective implication in the “Don’t worry, we’re not going to take away your guns” statement is the notion that you would be a scared conspiracy theorist if you were to ever believe the left is out to get your guns. They bank on your fear of being labeled a crazy person. In other words, if you were to think for a minute that anyone would be hatching such a ridiculous plan, you must be crazy. Hillary Clinton once said,

“It’s just scare responsible folks, into thinking that you know, the black helicopter is gonna land in the front yard and somebody’s gonna show up and take your guns. That is nonsense.”

The implication in Clinton’s statement is, if you were to believe such a ridiculous notion, you would be scared and have no sense. The “black helicopter” seems to be added for an animated effect. You see, no one wants to admit that they are scared, and the fear of being ostracized for being a crazy conspiracy theorist would be the worst possible thing to many people. So, the hope is that most people would say to themselves, “Yeah, it’s ridiculous of me to think such a thing.”

The hope of the Gun-Grabber is that you will drop your guard and fall in line with gun-restrictions, while telling you they don’t want to restrict guns. Meanwhile State and Federal laws are being implemented that slowly chip away at your rights. But, “Don’t worry, we’re not going to take away your guns.”

Recognizing the sneaky tactics is step number one. Once we understand the game, we can change the rules.

Stick to your guns,
Dan Wos


Dan Wos is an American entrepreneur, author, musician and NRA member. He is the author of ‘Good Gun Bad Guy – Behind the Lies of the Anti-Gun Radical’ The book reveals the corruption and deceit that comes from the anti-gun lobby as it attempts to vilify law-abiding, gun-owning Americans.