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Syrian & Libyan Refugees Laugh As They Set Homeless Man On Fire

December 29, 2016

The suspects accused of setting a homeless person on fire at a Berlin subway station on Christmas Eve have been identified as refugees from Syria and Libya, police said.

The seven men, between the ages of 15 and 21, are accused of setting a homeless man on fire while he was sleeping on a platform bench at Schönleinstraße station. The homeless man survived as passerbys helped extinguish the flames. The seven men hopped on a train and fled the scene.

Six of the men surrendered at various police stations while the seventh man was arrested during a police operation, an official police release said.

CCTV footage captured them watching and laughing as the man was burning on the platform.


Law enforcement officials classified the incident as “attempted murder” and said that an investigation was underway.

“Six of the suspects were born in Syria and one of the suspects was born in Libya. All of the suspects have refugee status here [Germany],” Thomas Neuendorf, deputy head of the Berlin police press office, told Ruptly video agency.

Two of the seven refugees arrived in Germany in 2014 while the rest arrived between 2015 and 2016. Some of the men have residence permits, while others are in the process of making asylum requests, Bild reported.

Police identified the main suspect as the 21 year-old refugee.