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Gun Control Group Sends Useless Gun Locks To NFL Players That Got Guns For Christmas

December 30, 2016

The Philadelphia Eagles’ Quarterback, Carson Wentz, bought each member of his offensive line a custom over-under Beretta shotgun from the elite Silver Pigeon line for Christmas. Wentz, an avid hunter, had each player’s number engraved on the butt of each of their new guns. Once news broke of the kind gesture, gun control groups were less than pleased and attempted to make a statement to protest the gun-gifting.

The gun violence prevention group CeaseFirePA made a statement saying it was going to send gun locks to all of the Eagles players that received a shotgun from Wentz. Shira Goodman, CeaseFirePA’s executive director said, “our staff’s immediate reaction to the news about Wentz’s gifts to his teammates was to ensure that the gifts were used safely and responsibly.” She also said the organization was encouraging the players to take gun-safety course to model responsible gun ownership.

Unfortunately for CeaseFirePA, their attempt at gun safety was futile. Neither the trigger locks nor the cable locks they were planning to provide to the players will work reliably with an over-under shotgun. Trigger locks must precisely fit the trigger guard of a firearm to function properly, otherwise the entire lock assembly can be moved to depress the trigger. Cable locks work by running them through the action of a firearm, and over-under shotguns simply don’t have an action to obstruct.