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Gab Social Media Network Hopes To Put An End To Liberal Censorship Of Conservative Ideals

August 26, 2016

Social media platforms were created so that people could openly create, share, and discuss information. Unfortunately, political agendas, personal interests and the mighty dollar have led to certain groups and ideas being censored, blacklisted, or outright banned. Many of these companies are owned by left-leaning techies from the silicone valley that have allowed their personal beliefs in interfere with this free-flow of information. Information that supports republican ideals have been banned by outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. Former employees of the companies have openly admitted that their policies give precedence to liberal ideals and have noted that their left-leaning staffers have control over what stories are seen by the general public and which never see the light of day.

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A new social media platform is being launched with the intention of giving not only conservative Americans, but all Americans, a completely uncensored freedom of speech. is currently in beta testing and is already being used by thousands of people who want to communicate freely and uncensored.

Andrew Torba is the 25-year-old CEO of that was sick and tired of seeing conservatives having their opinions hushed by the over-reaching political correctness machine that is taking over America. Torba is a Trump supporter living shoulder to shoulder with the liberals that are censoring our media. He wants to remove any bias from his platform by allowing the users, not editors from his company, choose what content is visible to users.

Gab has been described as a Twitter/Reddit hybrid where users can create 300-character messages that are then “upvoted” or “downvoted” by other users. Meaning posts that users find interesting or useful receive endorsements, much like an online review for a business. Users will also be allowed to “self censor” their posts by filtering out topics they choose themselves, rather than having an employee of the company choose what can or can not be seen.


Torba asserts that Gab is not a right-wing alternative to other major social media networks. The purpose of the site is to prevent censorship of any kind.

“It is not an alt-right Twitter replacement. Anyone is welcome. This is all about stopping the censorship going on right under our noses.”

Torba has stated that, in order to increase transparency, the ranking system for the site will be open-source. Third-party developers and coders will be able to inspect the algorithm that selects material will be open to review at any time.