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Riots And Extreme Violence By Liberals Attacking Trump Supporters At Trump Rally In San Jose

June 03, 2016

An editor at liberal media site has been suspended for inciting riots at Donald Trump’s political rallies. The editor, Emmett Rensin, allegedly issued a series of tweets that urged people to riot if Donald Trump “comes to their town.” Vox has publicly condemned the writer’s tweets in an official statement on their website. Unfortunately, this was not enough to quell the violence. Riots have erupted outside the Trump rally in San Jose.   


On Thursday night Rensin issued the following series of tweets that called Trump a fascist and encouraged people to riot at Trump rallies held in their town. These tweets can be seen below.


Violence later erupted at Donald Trumps political rally in San Jose. Hundreds of protesters clashed with Trump supporters in the streets. The violence escalated so quickly that even police were forced to retreat from the violence. At least one officer has been assaulted.

Trump supporters attempted to flee the scene but were prevented from doing so by the unruly crowd. Protesters slammed on the cars of pro-trump supporters as they desperately attempted to flee the scene. The protesters burned trump hats and allegedly set fire to an American flag while chaos paraded through the streets of San Jose. Video footage and still images of the violence can be seen in the tweets below.

Trump spoke for approximately 50 minutes at the rally. He slammed Democratic front-runner Hilary Clinton’s foreign policy during the speech calling her policy “pathetic” and “sad to watch”. Despite their differences even the Clinton administration seems disgusted by the barbaric behavior of the anti-Trump crowd in San Jose. John Podesta, chairman of Clinton’s campaign, condemned the violence with the following tweet.

Regardless of their political affiliation it is becoming apparent to many people that violence at Trump rallies is becoming an epidemic and must be stopped.

Do you know anyone that witnessed violence at Donald Trump’s political rallies? Share their stories in the comment section below!