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(Video) Crazy fails from Syrian militias caught on tape

April 05, 2016

This compilation features hilarious fails by the Syrian Rebels, caught on camera. These soldiers make many mistakes on the battlefield due to their lack of advanced training and low quality weapons.

The video starts off with a group of soldiers who are trying to remove jammed ammunition from their firearm. After a bit of struggling, they finally manage to free the ammunition from the weapon but quickly realize that it is ready to explode at any time. Shortly after they begin running away, there is a large explosion from the ammunition, which could have been lethal to someone standing too close.

In the next fail, several Syrian Rebels are shooting from a gun that is mounted on one of their vehicles. Suddenly, the vehicle begins driving away and one of the soldiers falls off and lands on his face.

Next, a small projectile is fired from a launch pad and quickly loses its velocity and blows up several yards away. That launch, which might have been costly, was a complete fail.

Capture 531 600x245 - (Video) Crazy fails from Syrian militias caught on tape

Syrian Rebels manage to fire a rocket about five feet (YouTube)

In the next clip, two Rebels are riding together peacefully on a motorcycle, but their joyride soon ends when a truck drives right into them. The truck hit them hard too, which resulted in them falling to the ground.

In another fail, a Syrian Rebel throws a grenade, which then bounces back towards him. He quickly reacts to the mistake and starts running away. His quick reaction probably saved his life since the grenade ended up exploding right where he was standing.

Next, two Syrian Rebels were standing in a room, when one of their guns misfired right into the ceiling. This clearly caused some damage to the inside of the room, but could have been even more dangerous if the gun happened to be aimed at a person during the misfire.

Capture 529 600x284 - (Video) Crazy fails from Syrian militias caught on tape

Syrian Rebel fires at the ceiling (YouTube)

In another clip, a Rebel is firing his automatic weapon, when it suddenly slips out of his hands. It appears that it slipped away because it fell apart while firing.

Towards the middle of the compilation, a tank driver has absolutely no clue what he is doing. He is seen struggling to drive the tank forwards and backwards with the gun on the tank moving in random directions. Clearly this tank driver lacked any sort of formal training before getting behind the wheel.

Capture 530 600x266 - (Video) Crazy fails from Syrian militias caught on tape

Syrian Rebel is clueless on how to drive his tank (YouTube)

That’s just a preview to this collection of Syrian Rebel fails. Make sure to what the entire video to see all the hilarious fails!

Should the Syrian Rebels be embarrassed? Let us know what you think in the comments section.