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Sheriff Clay Higgins, Famous For His Viral Videos Calling Out Criminals, Resigns After ACLU Complaint

March 02, 2016

In Louisiana, St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Captain Clay Higgins, known worldwide for his Crime Stopper videos that have gone viral on YouTube has resigned.


The resignation came on Monday after a complaint by civil rights groups including the ACLU regarding his one of his latest videos, gained traction. The video was posted on February 18th and features Higgins talking directly into the camera to a local street gang. Higgins was no fan of the ACLU telling him what to do:

Those guys at the ACLU, for them to accuse me of being some kind of redneck thug who has no concept of constitutional rights, they just haven’t researched me.

Groups like the ACLU claim that Higgins was making threats that cut short due process. Here is a little taste of what he said:


Darren Carter, do you think men like these are afraid of an uneducated, 125-pound punk like you– that’s never won a fair fight in your life and holds your gun sideways? Young man, I’ll meet you on solid ground anytime, anywhere–light or heavy– makes no difference to me. You won’t walk away.

Check out the video here (believe us, this is a must watch):

Once Higgins’ resignation was hanged down, St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz tried to distance himself from the controversial outgoing Sheriff:

I repeatedly told him to stop saying things like, ‘You have no brain cells,’ or making comments that were totally disrespectful and demeaning. As Sheriff, it is my duty and responsibility that the message going out to the public be professional, on point and truthful. The public needs to remember the department public information officer is a spokesperson for the sheriff and represents the sheriff’s words, thoughts and message. If Clay Higgins cannot agree with my words, thoughts and message, then he is correct in resigning his position.

Higgins resigned from his post as Sheriff but will remain on the force as a Constable. In his press conference, already viewed over 600,000 on Facebook, left his post in typical Higgins form, saying “he doesn’t do well reigned in” and closed by saying that he was “gonna go get a cold beer.”

Love or hate Higgins, he sure as hell was entertaining. Check out the video of his resignation press conference below:

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