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(VIDEO) Unassuming MMA trained furniture mover knocks out shirtless tough guy in Boston Chinatown Street

Mover knocks out shirtless tough guy (Screenshot/Youtube)
December 30, 2015

Pedestrians ought to think twice before picking fights with professional movers. In the video below, a shirtless man in Boston’s Chinatown approaches a mover looking to cause trouble, but to his dismay, the mover has MMA fighting skills.

The narrator in the video starts by mentioning that “movers are by nature big, strong, and used to throwing things around.” That should have been enough of an indication for the man to avoid fighting the mover, but he apparently wasn’t smart enough to figure that out.

The man starts by approaching the moving truck with his shirt off. He pushes one of the movers and follows up by trying to push one of the two boxes away that the mover was carrying.

Apparently, that crossed the line for the mover because he immediately shifted into fighting mode. The mover charged at the man, picked him up, then dropped him on his head. Then, with the man still on the ground, he threw several aggressive punches at his face.

This was all that was needed to completely knock the man out. After several minutes, he woke up from his knockout and was able to stumble away. He learned the hard way not to mess with movers, and especially those who have MMA fighting skills. Having those fighting skills certainly came in handy for the mover.


While popular to watch on television, MMA or mixed martial arts doesn’t always have to be used in a cage and can come in handy at the most unpredictable times as seen in the video. Mixed martial arts originated in ancient China by Han Chinese military generals and soldiers. Those generals and soldiers were called the Shuai Jiao and they utilized mixed martial arts as an expanded version of wrestling and kung-fu.

On a professional level, the industry is dominated by the UFC, also known as the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The UFC has managed to recruit the top talent in mixed martial arts from all over the world. The organization is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and has been around since 1993. The UFC has both men and women fighters.

Here is a summary of the fight showing off the highlights of the encounter.

Street guy talks smack to mover (YouTube)

Mover and the street guy square up (YouTube)

Check out the full video below: