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Rudy Giuliani Reacts Fast And Saves Car Crash Victim In Flipped Vehicle

October 16, 2015

Former New York City mayor and presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani saved a man from a car wreck on one of New York City’s busiest highways, the FDR Drive on Thursday.

Many people, including Giuliani’s wife and some news outlets first thought that the mayor himself was in the wreck but they were mistaken. Giuliani and the people he was traveling with, Sal DeSalvo and Marc Mukasey were headed back from Newark Airport on Thursday morning when they heard a big noise and saw a car flipped halfway over on its side.


The mayor immediately said, “Pull over!”

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Giuliani’s car stopped in front of a Chevy on its side. “We called 911. Sal, a former sergeant and EMT . . . approached,” Rudy related. “Sal told the driver to turn the ignition off and to remove his seat belt.”
101515fdrmva2wf - Rudy Giuliani Reacts Fast And Saves Car Crash Victim In Flipped VehicleGiuliani started directing traffic on the FDR, to drivers’ astonishment. Two passing joggers asked how they could help, and DeSalvo instructed them to “push the car towards the wall and hold the car up” while he helped pull the man out.

The victim was “shook up, but not seriously injured,” Giuliani said. Then, “200 yards away, we saw a white car with a nice young lady who seemed to be crying — she had been hit by [the flipped car]. So we got her information and the police showed up. A lot of police.”

Turned out Sal had mentioned Rudy’s name when he called 911, and “there was a confederation of NYPD” at the scene, Giuliani said.

Meanwhile, Giuliani’s wife, Judith, was mistakenly informed that he was in the crash. She “wasn’t sure whether I was ‘injured’ in New York or California since we made a last-minute decision to take the red-eye,” Rudy said. He and his pals planned to check on the driver later.

“I always said it was easiest being mayor when things are bad,” mused Giuliani, who famously steered New York during 9/11.

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