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China Says ‘F You America’ to John Kerry and Obama

August 13, 2015

The South China Sea has long been the center of heavy territorial disputes. In recent months however, the dispute has intensified as China has begun building artificial reefs and barges to serve as military outposts in waters that the international community does not believe it has a right to.

This has been especially troubling for the nation of Taiwan, which China still claims is part of their country. These exercises are believed to be a ramp up of Chinese efforts to take over the small island nation by force.

Secretary of State John Kerry has told the Chinese to stop these “problematic actions,” yet while the Chinese say one thing they are doing another. Giving John Kerry the big “F you!” and staging military drills that include the takeover of what appears to be a recreation of the Taiwanese Presidential Palace.

This week they continued, staging live-fire drills in the South China Sea and other live fire exercises that include a total of 140,000 troops.

This is a major sign that China is going to do whatever they want and do not fear John Kerry and Barack Obama.


From Yahoo:

BEIJING (AP) — China’s military is staging live-firing exercises in the country’s west as part of a series of drills involving more than 140,000 troops, state media reported Tuesday.

The “Joint Action-2015D” exercises in the Chengdu Military Region are the first of five such drills involving units from the army, navy, air force, missile corps and other branches of the armed forces, the Xinhua News Agency said.

The drills are the latest in about 100 joint exercises planned for this year. They began last month but moved into the live-firing stage on Monday, Xinhua said.

The 2.3 million-member People’s Liberation Army has stepped-up both the rigor and frequency of training as it emphasizes more realistic scenarios for fighting and winning battles around China’s periphery. New stress has been placed on exercises integrating different branches of the armed forces, with a special command on joint exercises set up last year.

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