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Russia Steals International Oil Pipeline

July 13, 2015

Russia is an aggressor. Russian President Vladimir Putin is on a never ending quest to instigate conflict in Eastern Europe and around the former USSR. We are not sure what drives this continual need to prove something but perhaps you can tell us in the comments below.

On Monday, the nation of Georgia which sits just south of Russia next to the Black Sea called out Russia because they are upset that Russia is claiming some of its country for itself, including an international oil pipeline. Putin’s latest aggression is claiming land that most international agencies and countries, including the United Nations, regard as part of Georgia. However, Russia is taking advantage of the fact that Georgia hasn’t been active in that region since 2008. On Monday Georgia’s Foreign Ministry said part of the BP-operated Baku-Supsa oil pipeline was now in territory it regards as occupied by Russia.

This is in line with Russia’s goal of trying to control more and more energy transportation so it can blackmail nations by controlling energy prices. Turn off an oil pipeline here, limit natural gas flows there and before you know it people all over Europe are faced with very high energy prices and creating an uproar. This also puts European nations’ national security at stake. But so far no one has been willing to stand up to Mr. Putin.

Will anyone actually stand up and confront Mr. Putin on this? Do you think Barack Obama will stand up to the Russian President on this and lead the international community? Let us know in the comments!




From Yahoo News:

TBILISI (Reuters) – Georgia accused Russia on Monday of violating its sovereignty by placing border markers on the edge of the South Ossetia region, leaving part of an international oil pipeline in territory under Russian control.

Tbilisi has not controlled South Ossetia or its fellow breakaway region of Abkhazia since fighting a brief war with Moscow in 2008. Both host Russian military bases, but most countries and the United Nations regard them as part of Georgia.

Russian troops have been installing barbed wire and fences around South Ossetia since the war but residents say the soldiers have now erected border signs up to about 1.5 km (one mile) beyond the administrative border.

Condemning the action, Georgia’s Foreign Ministry said part of the BP-operated Baku-Supsa oil pipeline was now in territory it regards as occupied by Russia.

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What do you think about Putin’s newest land grab ? We want to hear from you in our comments below!