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U.S. Embassy Moves July 4th Holiday…Because Of Ramadan?!

June 08, 2015

The U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia moved its July,4th celebration up to June 4th as to not interfere with the Islamic nation’s celebration of Ramadan.

….wait what?!

Let me get this straight, we have to respect everyone else’s holiday’s but no one has to respect our most revered? This makes NO sense!

Also, why are these two celebrations mutually exclusive? This is political correctness gone COMPLETELY wild!



In a mind-boggling gesture of official US Government dhimmitude, the US Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia celebrated our sacred Independence Day holiday on June 4, so as to avoid any conflict with the month-long Ramadan celebration. If you think any Islamic countries – there are 57 of them (not counting ISIS) that count themselves officially Islamic – will move their DC embassy’s celebration of Ramadan to accommodate our Independence holiday, I have some bridges to sell you.

Officially, embassies are the national territory* of the country being represented, not of the host country. So there is no need to accommodate local sensibilities in celebrating our most sacred national holiday. Perhaps the pipe dream of peddling electric motorcycles to one of the world’s biggest petroleum exporters that happens to have a pretty large conventional motorcycle industry of its own took precedence over our national dignity?

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