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Raid On ISIS Compound Results In An Amazing Discovery

June 15, 2015

Intelligence is the name of the game in the fight against ISIS. Last month, special forces uncovered what only can be described as a jackpot!

4 terabytes of digital info confiscated from ISIS computers and phones that has ALREADY lead to the death of high ranking terrorists.

The data included detailed info on the organizations finances and leadership structure as well as much, much more.

This is a huge swing in the battle!


WASHINGTON — American intelligence agencies have extracted valuable information about the Islamic State’s leadership structure, financial operations and security measures by analyzing materials seized during a Delta Force commando raid last month that killed a leader of the terrorist group in eastern Syria, according to United States officials.

The information harvested from the laptops, cellphones and other materials recovered from the raid on May 16 has already helped the United States identify, locate and carry out an airstrike against another Islamic State leader in eastern Syria, on May 31. American officials expressed confidence that an influential lieutenant, Abu Hamid, was killed in the attack, but the Islamic State, which remains resilient, has not yet confirmed his death.

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