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ISIS Releases Gruesome Video Featuring Three New Group Executions

June 23, 2015

An ISIS group based out of Mosul, Iraq has released a new video featuring 3 new sets of executions, each preceded by a “confession” by the eventual victims.

The first set of executions show 4 men getting into a car, which is then locked and shot at with an RPG.

In the second, 5 men are put into a metal cage which is sunk into the pool. Underwater cameras capture the brutal struggle.

In the third, 7 men are attached by the neck with explosives which are then detonated.

The video is VERY graphic and therefore we’ve decided not to post it on the site.


Islamic State (Isis) has released one of its most gruesome videos to date in which alleged spies are executed by drowning in a cage, blown up in a car with a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) and beheaded with explosives.

According to the Site Intelligence Group, the video features three groups of people in northern Iraq’s Nineveh province wearing red jumpsuits and confessing their alleged crimes before being executed by IS militants. The first four people are locked inside a car and burned to death after a masked jihadist launches an RPG at them.

Another group is locked in a cage that is slowly dropped into a pool. After they drown, the cage is lifted out of the water. In a sick twist, cameras are planted inside the cage to show the men dying underwater.

The last group made up of seven people are forced to their knees and executed by beheading, with an explosive cord wrapped around their necks.

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