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ISIS Offering Up Disturbing Prize In Koran Memorizing Contest

June 26, 2015

ISIS in Syria is running a contest on Koran memorization to coincide with Ramadan.

During this season that they claim is perfect for studying and practicing the Koran, they have offered up prizes for which young man can memorize their scripture the best.

The prize? Sex slaves. The sick and twisted ideology of Islamic extremists continues to defy humane logic.


The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is now offering sex slaves to the winners of a Koran memorization contest in Syria.

The contest is taking place during the month of Ramadan, and is meant to honor the holiest month in the Muslim calendar. The memorization of the Koran is something encouraged and practiced throughout the global Muslim community

According to the Clarion Project, Ramadan is a time for Muslims to proclaim their faith and also is the favored month to participate in Jihad.

However, the disgusting practicing of hosting a contest in which winners are awarded female sex slaves is unique to ISIS.

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