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Disabled Vet Attending Wheelchair Games Gets Car Booted Although He Had Valid Parking Pass

June 25, 2015

In a story that surely won’t brighten your day, a disabled U.S. Army vet with limited use of his hands was left embarrassed after a parking attendant booted his car and left him with a $120 ticket.

Jonathan Merchant was participating in the wheelchair games and as he went to the parking payment machine to pay to pay via credit card (the only option), he noticed after a few attempts to swipe the card that the machine was simply too high for him in his wheelchair.

A fellow vet, seeing him having trouble went over and gave merchant his own pass that still had several hours still on it. Merchant thanked him and went inside to participate in the games.

When he came back out he noticed that his car had gotten the boot and he got slapped with a $120 ticket.

“He had no compassion for the disabled. He didn’t care whether I could move my fingers. He didn’t care. He said this is a business. I’m here to run a business.” said Merchant later.