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America’s Secret Weapon Against Iran: The M.O.P

June 24, 2015

For decades, research has gone into a bomb so powerful that it can penetrate 300 feet of earth and 60 feet of concrete before detonating and destroying whatever it finds in the hole.

It’s called the MOP, or “Massive Ordnance Penetrator.”

The bomb weighs 15 tons and if Iran won’t come to terms to surrender its nuclear program or does not adhere to an agreement, the MOP could easily take out its biggest enrichment facility.

The facility is called Fordow and it houses 3,000 centrifuges and is housed 250 feet deep in a mountain. The development of the MOP has been accelerated the last few years to get it battle ready.

Officials that have seen the tests say the power of this bomb, dropped from 20,000+ feet by stealth bombers, is mind boggling. While it is unclear if we will ever need to use this incredible weapon, Israel has been seeking to purchase some and they’d almost surely use it before we did.

Iran better think twice before crossing us.


President Barack Obama’s nuclear diplomacy with Iran may yet fail. On Tuesday, exactly one week before a June 30 deadline for an agreement, Iran’s Supreme Leader delivered his latest in a series of defiant statements, setting conditions for a deal—including immediate relief from sanctions, before Iran has taken steps to limit its nuclear program—that Obama will never accept. Secretary of State John Kerry warned last week that the U.S. is prepared to walk away from the talks. And even if a deal is reached, the story is not over. The Iranians may break or cheat on an agreement, and try build a nuclear weapon anyway.

That’s why, at least three times in the past year, a B-2 stealth bomber has taken off from an Air Force base in Missouri and headed west to the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. For these missions, the $2 billion plane was outfitted with one of the world’s largest bombs. It is a cylinder of special high-performance steel, 20 feet long and weighing 15 tons. When dropped from an altitude likely above 20,000 feet, the bomb would have approached supersonic speed before striking a mock target in the desert, smashing through rock and burrowing deep into the ground before its 6,000 pounds of high explosives detonated with devastating force.

“It boggles the mind,” says one former Pentagon official who has watched video of the tests.

Those flights were, in effect, trial runs for the attack on Iran that President Barack Obama, or his successor, may order if diplomacy can’t prevent Iran from trying to build a nuclear weapon.

Think of it as Plan B for Iran. The failure of diplomacy might lead the U.S. to turn to a weapon finally ready for real-world action after years of design and testing. The so-called “Massive Ordnance Penetrator,” or MOP, represents decades of military research, dramatically accelerated in recent years, focused on the problem of destroying targets buried deep underground.

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