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Navy Creates A Drone That Looks Like A Shark!

December 17, 2014

The Navy is testing an unmanned spy vessel that looks and swims like a shark.

Crazy?? We know…

This new ocean drone was created to help patrol ports and ships. It’s still in the testing phase but be on the lookout for them soon enough.


It is the latest offering in what the U.S. military calls its science-fiction-turned-reality projects: the GhostSwimmer, a reconnaissance robot with an exterior shell built to look a lot like a shark cutting through the ocean depths.

It’s the latest experimental addition to the Pentagon’s burgeoning fleet of unmanned underwater vehicles, or UUVs in Navy parlance.

At university labs across the country, for example, the Navy is bankrolling the creation of robotic jellyfish, which mimic the efficient natural movements of the ocean creature and could one day prove useful in underwater surveillance.

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