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Is the US Military Still a Lethal Fighting Force?

October 10, 2014

When I was a soldier in the US Army, I remember watching a video that made me, and everyone in the room exited to be part of the greatest fighting force in the universe. Change was coming. The military was about to move into the digital age.The development of the Future Combat Systems Program, or FCS, would be the largest technological leap in the history of military power, and we could not wait to be a part of it.

Then came Barack Obama. One of his “anti-war” pledges was to end the FCS program. Now, it is easy to see how the US military has been falling behind the Chinese both technologically and in terms of hardware when it comes to the military. We trail China in number of personnel, tanks, navy ships, and artillery pieces. They are also getting close to matching the number of aircraft for their air force and navy, but the most troubling part is that the Chinese still see their military as a lethal fighting force. Thanks to Barack Obama, the US military has clearly become a social laboratory, instead of an ever-improving fighting force, as it is intended.

This was eminent the day Obama took office as we started to receive orders to hang “diversity posters” around the tents in Afghanistan. When we got back home we began to see “green initiatives” and an expansion of EO briefings, which whether they’ll admit it or not, every soldier hates. We saw a drop in Army Physical Fitness Test standards. We saw maybe the only effective Clinton-era defense policy repealed in “Don’t ask-Don’t tell”.

This trend is only set to continue. I don’t oppose using our military for limited humanitarian missions, but if we continue using our whole military apparatus to deal with earthquakes, tsunamis, and ebola outbreaks, instead of going in and simply destroying an enemy like ISIS, it is only a matter of time until our enemies take advantage of those faults.

Just a humble veteran’s opinion.