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U.S. Army Makes Surprise Stop In Poland, Become AWESOME Spectacle For Villagers

September 11, 2014

VERY cool story showing just how much our troops are adored in parts of the world.

Due to bad weather, U.S. Army aircraft had to make an immediate landing in rural Poland in the middle of a small village.

What usually is an awkward situation for troops became a very welcomed surprise for villagers. You GOTTA check this out.


U.S. troops occasionally have to land their aircraft unexpectedly, giving rise to awkward situations. Consider the case of a transport plane that landed on an African highway in July while carrying U.S. troops, prompting a sheepish Marine colonel to apologize for the commotion.

Even that appears to pale in comparison to the unexpected landing of numerous Army helicopters in Poland on Tuesday, however. Bloomberg News reports that six of them landed in a rapeseed field in the village of Gruta, some 140 miles north of Warsaw, and asked villagers where they were. The surprise landing spooked some people at first, said Halina Kowalkowska, the village’s head, in an interview with Bloomberg.

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