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Ret. 3-Star General: Ground Troops WIN Wars

September 25, 2014

Lt. Gen. David Barno didn’t mince words when he was asked about the current ISIS strategy laid out by the President.

His words come after many in the military have voiced similar feelings.

Do you agree?


U.S. lawmakers and the wider American public do not understand why it is important to win land wars because the Army has a hard time explaining it, said retired Lt. Gen. David Barno.

“We’re going to see this — interestingly enough — played out, I think, in Syria, where we’re having airstrikes,” Barno told Military Times on Thursday. “The effects of airstrikes and Tomahawk strikes … are not enduring: They’re transient and as soon as the last bomb falls, the enemy begins to rebuild and readjust. In many, many ways, it’s very difficult to achieve lasting effects and consolidate any kind of success without having some kind of force actually make that permanent. It doesn’t have to be American troops.”

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