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Coast Guard Performs A Rescue Mission Unlike Any Other

September 26, 2014

The Coast Guard are amazing people. They rescue Americans from the most perilous situations on earth and defend our waters.

But sometimes they are called to unique missions to save the soul of America.

This time is the perfect example.

It was a fairly routine day at Michigan’s Coast Guard Station Saginaw River – until the telephone rang. It was Thursday afternoon, September 18.

A baby eagle had been spotted in the water by the captain of a sailboat. The bird was in distress. It was wounded and could not get up.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Andy Burns was up river conducting a training exercise when he heard the call over the radio.

Burns turned around the 45-foot rescue boat and set a course to find and rescue the wounded bird.

“We spotted her swimming along a sea wall,” the petty officer told me. “She was barely moving. She was using her wings to swim in the water.”

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