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Army Releases NEW Rules For Tattoos And Hair

September 16, 2014

We reported on this in the past: The Army would be coming out with new rules for tattoos and hair.

There’s a BUNCH of new rules so check them out at the link below.

What do you make of this?


  • The Army has tweaked its rules for tattooed soldiers looking to go officer or make warrant. The revised policy makes clear that soldiers may request a commissioning or appointment so long as they have their commander’s endorsement.
  • Female soldiers are now allowed to wear twists. The hairstyle, popular among black female soldiers, was outlawed in the March 31 update to AR 670-1. The Army has recanted.
  • Body mutilations of any form are prohibited. However, the update clarifies that soldiers with “approved body mutilations” who entered service before March 31 can “request an exception to policy” from the deputy chief of staff for personnel. Mutilations prohibited by the regulation include anything from “elfing” one’s ears to shaping one’s teeth to “tongue bifurcation,” per the update.

    Read the rest at the Army Times