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Why An Anonymous Veteran Sent His Purple Heart Medal To A 12-year-old Slenderman Victim

July 22, 2014

An anonymous veteran sent his purple heart medal to a girl recuperating from a brutal “Slender Man” copycat stabbing attack in May.

The end of the note attached reads,

“God is there for [you,] and I am, too. Get Better Soon”

The handwritten message is “The only heart I could find! Be Strong!”


HLN reports:

The 12-year-old Wisconsin girl who survived a brutal stabbing attack in late May recently received an anonymous military Purple Heart along with a heartfelt note of encouragement.The touching gift came with a card that read, “The Only Heart I Could Find – Be Strong,” according to a media release sent to HLN from the family’s spokesperson.

Meanwhile, as the young victim continues to recuperate at home, her family says they would likely to thank the gift-giver, publicly or privately, for their moving act of kindness and for their sacrifice for the country. “Those who receive this military recognition do so because they have been wounded or killed in an action against an enemy of the United States or as a result of an act of any such enemy or opposing armed forces. American service men and women are also moms and dads, uncles and aunts – brothers and sisters,” Wisconsin Secretary of Veterans Affairs John Scocos said in a statement after he was contacted by the girl’s family. “It does not surprise me that a decorated veteran unselfishly gave this amazingly brave and courageous little girl something from his or her heart,” Secretary Scocos added.

The girl was attack viciously by two girls in order to “please” a fictional internet character named “Slenderman”. The lunatics have been charged with  attempted first-degree intentional homicide.

This just goes to show that our veterans truly represent the best this country has to offer. They are there for us overseas, as well as domestically. They watch over us and protect us from all enemies, “foreign and domestic.”

God Bless the anonymous veteran, and may God bless all our nation’s veterans.

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