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VA Bill Protects Corrupt Employees, Not Vets, Charges Expert

VA Bill Protects Corrupt Employees
July 31, 2014

The VA bill protects corrupt VA employees, not vets, says Former New York Lieutenant Governor and patient rights expert Betsy McCaughey. McCaughey was a guest on Your World with Neil Cavuto Thursday.

The key reform in the bill is purportedly to allow vets access to private sector doctors and hospitals if they have to wait too long to get care at the VA. McCaughey points out that the decision about what is “too long” is left to the VA.

The VA bureaucrats’ incentives all line up for VA to have as many patients as possible and give them as little treatment as possible. The VA’s goal is to keep veterans on the waiting lists and off private care.

As AMN noted when the bill passed the House-Senate conference committee, all Veterans Affairs staff have to do to prevent veterans from being able to use private doctors is to give them an appointment at the VA.

VA Bill Protects Corrupt Employees, Not Vets, Says Expert

McCaughey has elsewhere suggested encouraging those veterans who are eligible for Medicare to use it for their non-service-related health problems.

There’s a better way to solve the VA backlog without fattening its already exploding budget: Focus on the roughly 4 million seniors using VA health-care despite having Medicare coverage.

Encouraging them to use civilian doctors and hospitals instead could cut the backlog by as much as half, solving a national crisis.

Here are the astounding facts that make this no-cost remedy possible.
First, over 1 million vets enrolled in the VA health system also are covered by Medicare Advantage plans.

The federal government is prepaying private insurance companies to cover them and then paying again when they go to the VA.


VA Bill Protects Corrupt VA Employees, Not Vets, Says Expert