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Ukrainian Separatists Cooperating Over MH17 Victims

Ukrainian separatists cooperating over MH17
July 22, 2014

Ukrainian separatists cooperating over MH17, the Malaysian Airlines flight they shot down on Thursday. They finally allowed trains containing the remains of the victims to reach territory controlled by the Ukrainian government. The rebels are also handing over the plane’s black boxes to international investigators.

The pro-Russian separatists — and their Russian allies — have been hounded by demands from the international press.


Russian separatists cooperating over MH17 crash site REUTERS/Maxim Zmeyev

As the Washington Free Beacon put it,

Separatists are handing over black boxes and agreeing to allow “Dutch security officials or other armed foreign guards—just not Ukrainian authorities—to accompany international crash investigators.” Many would say those are positive developments, and it’s certainly an improvement from where things stood this weekend.

From the New York Times via the Kiev News Blog:

MOSCOW, Russia — Russia presented a combination of conciliation and bluster on Monday over its handling of the downed Malaysia Airlines jet, with President Vladimir V. Putin seemingly probing for a way out of the crisis without appearing to compromise with the West.

Ukrainian Separatists Cooperating Over MH17 Victim train

Dutch forensics team views bodies and begins transfer of MH17 victims


Ukrainian Separatists Cooperating Over MH17 Victims