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Sunken U-Boat Found in Gulf of Mexico

Sunken U-Boat U-166 Found in Gulf
July 18, 2014

The ocean explorer who was responsible for finding the Titanic has found a sunken German U-Boat in the Gulf of Mexico. This is the only known U-Boat to have been sunk in the Gulf.

Typical U-boat appearance in 1940's.

Restored U-boat on display

U-boat U-166 would have looked like our modern submarines, to the casual observer.

Sunken U-Boat Found in Gulf

According to the AP;

SS Robert E. Lee and a German U-boat found in Gulf of Mexico

The Bow of the SS Robert E. Lee, at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico –

Tom Czekanski, the National WWII Museum curator, told The Times that during the war “America really was under siege.” “Over 20 U-boats operated in the Gulf of Mexico in 1942 and 1943,” he told the paper. These U-boats would prowl for American ships at the time. The U-boat discovered, U-166, sank three small ships and the SS Robert E. Lee south of Louisiana on June 30, 1942, killing 25, reported. A U.S. Navy vessel escorting the SS Lee responded, however, dropping depth charges that crippled the submarine, which eventually sank, killing the 52 on board.

This is truly a remarkable find, and reminds us all of the dangers we can face during war-time, even if we seem safe.

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