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Shocking Video: Palestinians shielding Hamas terrorists

Palestinians shielding Hamas terrorists
July 09, 2014

The video below appears to show Palestinians shielding Hamas terrorists  The IDF called off the strike on the building in this video after taking note of the number of civilians on the roof.

The civilians appear to move around at will, suggesting they are not prisoners but volunteers.

Islamist terrorists use “asymmetric rules” to cope with the technical and manpower advantage of Western nations. Since World War II, Western (and increasingly, Eastern) nations have accepted the rules of limited war: limiting civilian casualties, treating prisoners well, and so on.

The Islamists of Hamas, ISIS, and Taliban use the West’s rules against them. By putting civilians in danger, they force civilized nations to back down.

Palestinians shielding Hamas terrorists



Meanwhile, the rockets continue to rain down upon Israel.

Israel continues to pound the Hamas terrorists, vowing to not stop until they can no longer threaten the safety of millions of innocents in Israel, as the rockets sow terror and mayhem.