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Sgt Tahmooressi Savings Drained Soon, Says Family

Tahmooressi Savings Drained Soon
July 01, 2014

Marine Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi, jailed in Mexico since March 31, is quickly running through his savings and will soon be penniless, according to his family.

Tahmooressi Savings Drained Soon

An email from Jill Tahmooressi, obtained by American Military News, reads:

Dear supporters of Sgt Tahmooressi.

Can you post: It is the new, exclusive fund for Andrew. His $75K life’s savings will be spent on this ordeal. Let’s help him get back on his feet financially when we ALL gain his freedom back together!!!
Mother- Jill Tahmooressi.

Tahmooressi’s life savings was probably all earned in the Marine Corps, saved while deployed for combat.

Missed turn landed Tahmooressi in jail

Andrew Tahmooressi was living in his pickup truck in San Diego in March. Driving to see friends, he missed a turn and wound up at the border crossing. In his truck, along with all of his other possessions, were three registered firearms, legal in the United States, but banned in Mexico. He was arrested and thrown in jail, and has been there ever since.

A petition to demand his release is at