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Russian MH17 Cover-Up Emerges – VIDEO

Russian MH17 Cover-Up Emerges
July 21, 2014

In a video posting, Ukrainian forces have released what they say are recordings and translated transcripts of Russia-controlled separatists reporting on shooting down Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 Thursday.

Russian MH17 Cover-Up Emerges

Authorities can’t verify the authenticity of the recordings, which appear to be consistent with social media postings that initially bragged about shooting down the plane, then walked it back once the plane’s civilian origin became known.

The chilling scene of horror described in the video, and the knowledge that they made a terrible mistake, should have caused the Russia-backed separatists to reevaluate their tactics. Civilian “Bodies falling from the sky” should have been enough. It wasn’t.

Russia and the separatists had at least one good, defensible option when reacting to having shot down MH17. They could have called it a horrible accident, saying they thought they were shooting at their enemy in the air space of a war zone. That is, they could have told the truth.

They appear to have decided to lie:

Unidentified militant: On TV they say it was a Ukrainian AN-26, a transport plane. But the writing says ‘Malaysian Airlines.’ What was it doing over the territory of Ukraine?

Colonel: Well then it was bringing spies. Why the hell were they flying? This is war going on.

Russian MH17 Cover-Up Emerges