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Privatization Saved The 4th Of July, and Can Save The VA

Privatization saved the 4th of July
July 07, 2014

Just as July 4th is a day for Americans to connect with the principles that created the foundation for America, this July 4th there was a demonstration of the way America can solve problems, rather than perpetuate them.

By privatizing (i.e. the government lets the private sector fix what is broken), we can move our nation forward, buoyed by the principles and ideas that created this great country.

Privatization saved the 4th of July

Privatization saved the 4th of July horsesFor the past few years, the government in my hometown has been in charge of the 4th of July parade, as well as the fireworks, and they have been truly terrible. The parade has started late, has been short, and has consisted of firetrucks and row after row of politicians trying to act like civilians. The fireworks show has been lackluster. But this year, the government let a privately run organization put on the parade, and fireworks show. The results were astounding; the parade started exactly on time, and ran for almost an hour. It displayed a variety of business and organizations from the area, not just firetrucks and suits. The fireworks were spectacular, with almost no duds. It was one of the best parades/fireworks show in many, many years.

Symbol of what can be done

By privatizing the 4th of July activities, the government got out of the private sector’s way, and allowed it to accomplish wonders without massive amounts of red tape. Government also spent its time doing its job! If the government, at all levels, would privatize more things, maybe our country wouldn’t be gridlocked. There are some things the government is good at, and should always be in charge of, for example, the military. The government will always be far better at deploying our troops and gathering intelligence than any private sector company will ever be. However, there are many things that the government has no business trying to “fix”, or take responsibility for. Just look at what happened when the government tried to build a healthcare website. It’s still broken, and the government is turning to the private sector to fix it.

Privatization can save the VA

The despicable backlog at the VA is another example of where the government should let the private sector handle things. Our veterans are dying everyday and the government is unable to do anything about it other than point fingers. The private sector is used to working with large amounts of paperwork and large amounts of people, on tight schedules. They’ve been dealing with this stuff for decades. So it’s time to let them do what they do best.

Private enterprises have always made up the backbone of this country. They built it up from the struggling colonies of 1776 to the powerhouse of the world that it is today. The government needs to recognize this and let the private sector fix the broken down system we have and help our veterans, and our country, move forward.

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